2019.11.11 05:49 Photos

Famous blogger NEXTA gathers people in Minsk for unique rally

2019.06.10 09:48

Belsat journalists hold rally in solidarity with detained Russian journalist Ivan Golunov

2019.05.31 07:41

Nearly $2K fines slapped on Chernobyl Path rally participants

2019.05.17 13:53

Belarusian economist fined over participating in Chernobyl Path rally

2019.05.07 14:15 Video

‘I’m just standing!’ Kazakh police detain activist holding blank sheet of paper

2019.03.29 12:39

Heavy fine slapped on protester who chained herself to post on Freedom Day

2019.03.04 08:29

Berlin: Conflicting rallies in support of Ukraine, Russia

2019.03.01 14:57

Minsk: Activists punished for supporting political prisoners

2018.04.27 15:21

Drug convicts’ relatives go on hunger strike, want to see Lukashenka

2018.04.27 09:44

Authorities allow REP trade union to hold protest on May 1

2018.04.26 20:32 Video

Charnobylski Shlyakh 2018 held in Minsk on April 26

2018.04.24 08:55

People’s victory must be recognised with no ifs and no buts – leader of protests in Armenia

2018.03.27 13:32 Video

In wake of protest: Kemerovo governor blames Russian opposition for making hay of tragedy

2018.02.28 12:12

Minsk authorities: No march, concert on Freedom Day