Belarus artists urged to draw postcards in support of minor political prisoner Mikita Zalatarou
The Amnesty International human rights watchdog and the Belarusian Council of Culture have announced a joint action in support of 17-year-old political prisoner Mikita Zalatarou.
'Night of executed poets' in Kyiv and Bialystok in photos
This year the action took place in at least 38 cities around the world
Night of Executed Poets to be held in dozens of cities across continents
Protests against IKEA's cooperation with Belarusian regime held in Sweden
Protests took place all over Europe
Action of solidarity with political prisoner Andrzej Poczobut held in Warsaw
The words “Release Andrzej Poczobut” were also projected on the building
Belarusians protest in Georgia against agreement between special services of two countries
The Belarusians are supported by Georgian opposition politicians, who say that cooperation with Lukashenka’s KGB is a disgrace for Georgia.
In spite of adversity: Protesters stage ‘white-red-white’ walk in Minsk
On Sunday, women dressed in white and red were walking through the Belarusian capital city.
Protesters in Poland and Lithuania set up tent cities on border with Belarus demanding change
Belarusians demand Lukashenka’s resignation.
From Australia to Canada: Global Picket of Solidarity with Belarus
Global Solidarity Picket actions took place in different cities around the world
Pavel Latushka announces new protest in May
The democratic forces of Belarus are planning to hold a protest on Victory Day.
Chernobyl anniversary: Water cannons, prison trucks, lots of police in Minsk
On Monday afternoon, Belsat got numerous reports about buses carrrying security officers and policemen to the centre of the Belarusian capital. Eyewitnesses also spotted a lot of special equipment units, including prison trucks and water cannons.
250 days pass since start of post-election protests in Belarus
250 days pass since start of post-election protests in Belarus
German journalist detained in Minsk
Deutsche Welle correspondent Nicholas Connolly detained in Minsk