2019.06.13 12:33

Protests in Kazakhstan: Nearly 1,000 detained (video)

2019.06.11 11:43

Kazakhstan: 700 post-election protesters detained over two days

2019.04.29 06:53

Unsanctioned Chernobyl Path rally held in Minsk

2019.02.25 09:47 Video

Remembering Boris Nemtsov: Marches throughout Russia

2019.01.14 14:06

Opponents of Brest battery factory hold mass rally

2018.10.04 14:06

Hefty fine imposed on Brest blogger Syarhei Pyatrukhin

2018.06.07 07:45

Belarus may introduce criminal liability for fake information

2018.05.10 08:57

Stalin, tricolors, Glory to Russia: ‘Immortal Regiment’ in Minsk

2018.05.01 15:14

Opposition politician’s associates detained at authorised May Day rally

2018.05.01 12:50 Video

‘Speak about your problems not only in kitchens’. Trade unions’ May Day rally in Minsk

2018.04.10 07:01

Statkevich: We will oppose illegal referendum

2018.03.28 12:44

Any unauthorised rally will be dispersed – Belarus Interior Minister

2018.03.27 15:18

Vitsebsk region: Trials of activists detained on Freedom Day

2018.03.27 13:32

Lukashenka to police: Suppress any unauthorised events, no matter what EU, US will say

2018.03.25 11:26 Video

Belsat TV reporters grabbed by police in Minsk