2018.02.07 15:47

Belarus human rights defenders appeal to Putin over Chechen colleague’s case

2018.01.22 09:34

Serbian League party urges Putin to deploy troops to Kosovo

2018.01.15 09:59

Putin compares Lenin’s tomb to Christian relics

2018.01.04 16:43

Kremlin press service shows Belarus KGB chairman bowing head to Putin

2018.01.02 14:35

Anti-Putin activist stabbed in St. Petersburg

2017.12.20 15:07

Moscow talks Belarus into transporting oil products via Russian ports

2017.12.18 11:18

Putin thanks Trump for CIA tip-off about planned bomb attack in St. Petersburg

2017.12.14 13:10 Video

Putin: No Russian army in Donbas, only ‘local militia formations’

2017.12.07 15:03

‘Restoring peace’: Russian troops remain in Syria so far

2017.12.04 10:25

No tenders necessary for 12 Russian companies in defense sector

2017.11.27 09:56

Putin on wanted list: Mahiliou police twitter account hacked

2017.11.23 09:11

Putin: Big Russian companies must be able to speed up military production

2017.11.21 08:18

Putin: Russian military operation in Syria coming to end. Again

2017.11.16 13:51 Video

Ukraine MP: Belarus peacekeepers may be Putin’s Trojan horse in Donbas

2017.11.16 11:16

Now it’s official: Putin has telephone talk with Donbas separatists