protest rally

Protests against IKEA's cooperation with Belarusian regime held in Sweden
Protests took place all over Europe
People with disabilities protesting in Minsk
On Thursday afternoon, people with special needs, their families and friends were protesting against police abuse and persecuting dissidents in downtown. A similar peaceful rally took place a week ago.
Mothers march in Minsk
Women took to the streets against violence and bullying of law enforcement officers at the so-called March of Mothers.
10th protest Sunday in row: Thousands of participants in Minsk (photos)
At a rough estimate, about 100,000 people might have taken part in Sunday’s March of Honour in Minsk.
Pensioners march in Minsk
The participants of the march gathered at the Independence Square and marched along the avenue.
'Glittering' Women's March leaves almost 400 women detained
Women gathered for a traditional Women’s March in Minsk. The meeting place was Kamarouski market. Today’s march was called “glittering”.
Heavy arrests in downtown Minsk (photos)
On August 10, the OMON riot police conducted brutal detentions near the Yubileynaya Hotel in Minsk.