2019.03.26 06:24

Feature film episode presented as fact in Russian propagandist TV show

2019.03.13 13:15

Changing colour? Russian critic of US gets hired at Voice of America

2019.02.28 16:13

Donbas-linked case: Infamous Russian propagandist’s nephew gets jail term in Germany

2019.01.17 14:57

‘Coordinated inauthentic behaviour’: Facebook removes accounts linked to Russia’s Sputnik

2019.01.15 11:28 Video

Emotions run high as ‘nationalist sentiments’ of Belarusians get lambasted on Russian TV yet again

2019.01.14 12:06

There will be no Belarus without Russia – propagandist Kiselyov

2019.01.03 06:45

Ukraine deports Belarusian journalist for ‘anti-Ukrainian propaganda’

2018.12.06 09:02

Russia is major source of disinformation – European Commission official

2018.10.23 13:12

Mission impossible: Ukraine arrests agent tasked with founding pro-Russian party

2018.09.26 14:32

Governor Nico. Steven Seagal willing to rule Russia’s Primorye

2018.09.12 10:45

OSCE meeting: Russia blames Ukraine for blogger’s death. But he is alive

2018.08.23 13:09 Video

Russian historian on state-run TV: ‘Why don’t we drop a bomb on Kyiv?’

2018.08.21 12:07

Vitsebsk: Russian nationalist to stand trial for inciting hatred

2018.08.03 15:48

Like tsar: Putin creating ‘elite’ societies loyal to Kremlin

2018.08.03 08:53

Blog pranks Russian ‘insider’ Telegram channel