penal colonies

All convicts in ‘student case’ transferred to penal colonies
Twelve people involved in the so called student case have already started serving their sentences in penal colonies, the human rights centre Viasna reports.
From colony to prison: Political prisoner Natallia Hersche facing tougher confinement conditions
Political prisoner Natallia Hersche will be transferred from the Homiel-based women’s penal colony to a prison, where the conditions of confinement are highly likely to be harsher.
Political prisoner Natallia Hersche refuses to ask for pardon insisting she is innocent
She feels good, she’s not stressed, except she’s worried about her hair, which has started to fall out.
Convicted might-have been presidential candidate transferred to Navapolatsk penal colony
On Monday morning, defence lawyers came to the pre-trial detention centre Nr 1 in Minsk to see their client Viktar Babaryka. As far back as July 9, the convicted politician was there.
Why do Belarusian inmates cut veins and swallow spoons? Former prisoner with such background explains
Suicide attempts and cases in which prisoners themselves seriously damage their own health are not uncommon in Belarusian colonies and remand prisons. Often this is not due to depression or suicidal tendencies, but is an attempt to enforce internal regulations or even save lives.