pressure on activists

2018.03.21 15:09

Spoiled Freedom Day: Opposition politicians preventively put in detention centre

2018.03.21 11:55

NoFreedom Day? Belarus police detain politicians, activists ahead of rally

2018.03.14 12:42 Updated

Homiel human rights activist, wife searched at Belarus-Lithuania border

2018.03.06 10:12 Video

Risk of gangrene? Political prisoner deprived of medical aid

2018.02.19 15:36

Minsk: Election observer to spend 7 days in jail for ‘bad language’

2018.01.16 05:20

Human rights defenders: human rights situation in Belarus significantly worse

2017.12.18 12:07

Opposition leader Lyabedzka fined for collecting signatures against Minister Raukou

2017.11.13 16:08 Video

‘She expressed her political views’: Activist to be tried for criticizing Belarus army

2017.11.09 06:51 Video

Another activist to be tried for interview with non-state media

2017.10.13 09:54 Video

Preventive arrest? Activist grabbed by police in Minsk

2017.09.25 12:25

Activist Leanid Kulakou to spend 10 days in jail

2017.08.01 17:23

Activist fined for picketing against Belarus’ hosting military exercise Zapad-2017