pressure on journalists

2017.08.30 11:03

Hefty fines and seizures: Belsat TV as thorn in Belarus regime’s side

2017.08.25 12:15 Video

Heavy fines: Trials of four Belsat TV journalists today

2017.08.24 13:46

Problem unsolved, journo on trial: Lida court imposes fine on Belsat TV contributor

2017.08.16 12:30

Homiel: Belsat TV contributor facing seizure of property

2017.08.16 07:36

Journalist Stanislau Ivashkevich to stand trial for cooperation with Belsat

2017.08.15 15:03

Minsk court sends protocols upon Belsat TV contributor back to police

2017.08.14 08:50

Journalist facing heavy fine for allegedly making news item for non-existent show

2017.08.05 08:23

Journalist on trial for house demolition story (upd)