pressure on journalists

2017.12.15 10:31

Belarus Information Ministry blocks independent news website

2017.12.09 07:15

127 days behind bars, $125K fines: 10 years of Belsat TV work in Belarus

2017.12.07 15:54 Video

Belarus police picking up evidence against Belsat TV contributor

2017.12.07 03:25

‘Belsat TV’ reporter Volha Czajczyc not afraid of courts and fines

2017.12.05 07:00

Minsk: Belsat TV contributors heavily fined

2017.12.04 13:39

Just within one week: Police letters and court notices to Belsat journalist

2017.11.30 16:14 Video

Minsk: Belsat TV contributors to appear in court for covering trials of protesters

2017.11.30 13:01 Video

Kastus Zhukouski heavily fined for contributing to Belsat

2017.11.29 10:39 Video

Independent journalist to be tried twice for contributing to Belsat TV

2017.11.14 14:17

Freelance journalist on trial for contributing to Belsat

2017.11.08 15:29 Video

Mahiliou journalist to stand trial for contributing to Belsat TV

2017.10.31 17:57

Belsat TV journalists parents threatened by ‘KGB officer’

2017.10.30 13:42

Laughter vs hefty fines: Four Belsat TV journalists on trial

2017.10.22 06:08

Brest freelance journalists appeal to Supreme Court of Belarus

2017.09.27 08:34

Sad record: Belsat TV contributor to face two trials today