pressure on journalists

2018.05.07 14:31

‘For dearest Lukashenka, Putin’: Belsat TV contributors on trial

2018.04.20 16:11

No use appearing before puppet judges – Belsat TV contributor

2018.04.20 14:05

Unauthorised livestreaming on Facebook is illegal – Belarus Information Minister

2018.04.04 15:05

Minsk court upholds guilty verdict to Belsat TV cameraman beaten by police

2018.03.25 10:29

Mass detentions of Belsat journalists in Minsk

2018.03.20 13:31 Video

Never a moment’s peace: Belsat TV contributor summoned to court

2018.03.07 12:12 Video

Beaten by police, fined in court: Belsat TV cameraman found guilty of disobedience at local elections

2018.02.28 08:59

Journalist facing trial for making news story for Belsat TV

2018.02.26 13:29 Video

‘No conflict of law’. Constitutional Court dismisses appeal by Belsat TV contributors

2018.02.23 15:10

Searched flat over ‘insulting Lukashenka’. 19-year-old blogger may face criminal case

2018.01.23 08:31 Video

Experts comment on Belarus’ position in ‘Freedom House’ report

2018.01.16 04:20

Human rights defenders: human rights situation in Belarus significantly worse

2018.01.10 13:17 Video

Belsat journalist facing trial for reporting

2018.01.10 08:12 Video

Pastavy: Belsat TV contributor fined

2017.12.18 13:29

Hefty fine goes to Belsat TV crew for covering street protests