pressure on journalists

2018.08.10 15:05 Video

BelaPAN, Deutsche Welle journalists at liberty

2018.08.10 07:14

BelTA case: Investigators start to release journos, two still in custody

2018.08.07 11:41

Arrested journalist to spend 3 days in Minsk detention centre – daughter

2018.08.06 08:30

The Washington Post about Belsat TV journos: ‘Belarus independent media on edge of survival’

2018.07.24 09:42

Police seize equipment from journalists working with Belsat

2018.07.20 11:45 Video

Minsk police detain Belsat TV contributors after press conference

2018.06.15 14:38

UN Special Rapporteur prepares report on Belarus

2018.06.07 09:46 Video

Brutal detention, protocol, strip-to-underwear: Authorities give no peace to Belsat TV journalist

2018.06.06 16:01 Video

Treadmill: Belsat TV contributor Katsyaryna Andreyeva fined again

2018.05.29 08:31

Minsk police summon Belsat TV contributors en masse

2018.05.25 11:29

$735: Another fine goes to Belsat

2018.05.24 19:48

Mahiliou: Pressure on independent journalists continues

2018.05.22 11:18 Video

Watching, grabbing, detaining: Journo films plainclothes policemen’ bad manners

2018.05.14 14:05

Hrodna: Belsat TV host fined for livestreaming on Freedom Day

2018.05.11 12:24

Belsat TV host to stand trial in Hrodna