pressure on journalists

2019.04.16 12:29

‘Collecting negative opinions’. Freelance journo fined for contributing to Belsat TV

2019.04.09 16:10

‘We consider seizing computers as repressive measure’. Statement over raid on Belsat TV office

2019.03.12 13:01

Foreign Ministry considers appeal to grant accreditation to Belsat

2019.03.04 11:12 Video

Brest: Police preventively detain, threaten Belsat TV contributors

2019.03.04 09:21

High-profile media case: Popular news portal editor-in chief heavily fined

2019.01.14 12:43

I’d like to twist your neck: Donbas militant threatens Belsat TV journo after publication

2018.12.20 13:07

Journo investigating into Skripal case unwelcome at Putin’s press conference

2018.11.12 09:52 Video

Belarus state TV seeks to destroy independent blogger NEXTA using dubious methods

2018.10.29 14:42 Video

‘Extremist reposting’ case in Hrodna: Trial pushed off

2018.10.16 09:33 Video

Journalist Volha Czajczyc detained at Kurapaty mass grave site

2018.10.10 14:31 Video

No Belarusian language, but protocols ready-made: Brest journos still under police’s eye

2018.10.09 14:09

Belarus delegation to UNHRC: BelTA case is ‘trivial hacking’

2018.10.02 10:35 Video

Musician and Belsat TV contributor: Criminal case opened for reposting on social media?

2018.09.05 12:55 Video

Smalyavichy: Authorities fine reporter for covering social problems

2018.08.31 12:01

Making photos goes beyond journo duties – Belarus police to Belsat TV reporter