2019.07.04 06:56

Special police detain Young Front activists in Kurapaty

2019.06.14 06:13

Police place 2nd European Games sports village under 24/7 protection

2019.05.22 13:57

Brest police keeping eye on anarchists over leaflets

2019.05.17 09:37

‘Russian number plates’. Unknown persons take away, kill Belarus road policeman

2019.04.29 09:49

Belarusian who refused to be KGB informant gets 15-day term over administrative offense

2019.04.04 09:13 Updated

Belarus regime removing crosses at Stalin-era mass grave site near Minsk

2019.03.20 14:57

Former political prisoner brutally detained in Minsk

2019.03.18 09:12

Police disrupt event in Press Club Belarus detaining Russian journalists

2019.03.11 10:55

Rahachou resident to stand trial over comment on Facebook

2019.02.13 09:50

Minsk police bans dance flash mob against domestic violence

2019.02.05 11:40 Video

Innocent man gets beaten by police, confesses to theft he never committed

2018.12.13 07:48

Politician Pavel Sevyarynets detained in Kurapaty

2018.12.06 11:31 Video

Coming out of the year: Belarus Interior Minister behind statue slapping row

2018.11.22 06:53

Another monument to riot police to appear in Belarus, this time in Minsk

2018.11.19 08:07

Absurd lengths: Minsk police after people for getting close to statue of policeman