2019.12.09 18:50

Minsk: MP election observer to spend 14 days under arrest

2019.11.11 06:49

German TV channel ARD crew detained in Minsk

2019.11.04 16:22

Minsk: Opposition activist gets hefty fine

2019.11.04 12:21 Updated

‘Kicking and jumping on us’. Kurapaty defenders report police abuse

2019.10.18 10:59 Video

Anarchist Zmitser Paliyenka attempts suicide in court room

2019.09.20 05:05

Boy from Homiel school threatened by teacher summoned to police station

2019.09.05 15:37

Belarusian MIA predicts increase in card money theft

2019.07.09 12:18 Updated

Belsat Near You: Crew detained in Hantsavichy

2019.07.03 16:15 Photos

Minsk police keep watch over ex-political prisoner’s paying tribute to fallen soldiers

2019.06.21 08:39

Mute man accused of public yelling and swearing appeals to UN

2019.06.18 07:55

Foreign citizen who may face death penalty in Iran allowed to reside in Belarus

2019.06.14 06:13

Police place 2nd European Games sports village under 24/7 protection

2019.06.10 05:34

Artist Ales Pushkin detained for performance event against Russification

2019.05.31 10:08

Man uses female name to leave insulting comment, faces prison

2019.05.20 10:57 Photos

Longest-ever protest in Belarus: 14 months of Brest ‘feeding pigeons’