persecution of activists

2019.10.22 04:42

Activist detained before Paliyenka’s trial punished with arrest

2019.07.05 16:24

Kurapaty defenders heavily fined for ‘disobedience to police’

2019.05.21 08:45

Russian activist arrested over conflict with Kremlin-controlled TV journo

2019.04.09 13:08 Video

Kurapaty protest aftershocks: Another activist punished by detention

2019.03.08 09:48

Activist Mikalai Dzyadok fined for ‘illegal’ political activity

2019.01.30 08:01

Ex-political prisoner Dzmitry Paliyenka detained in Minsk

2019.01.04 14:13

Freedom To Political Prisoners: Old guard activist’s picket at notorious policeman statue

2018.05.01 14:14

Opposition politician’s associates detained at authorised May Day rally

2018.02.19 14:36

Minsk: Election observer to spend 7 days in jail for ‘bad language’

2017.12.19 12:55

Delayed arrest: Activist jailed for protesting against Belarus-Russia war game

2017.12.18 13:29

Hefty fine goes to Belsat TV crew for covering street protests

2017.12.18 11:07

Opposition leader Lyabedzka fined for collecting signatures against Minister Raukou

2017.11.13 15:08 Video

‘She expressed her political views’: Activist to be tried for criticizing Belarus army

2017.11.10 13:12 Video

Over 10 persons persecuted for participating in March of Outraged Belarusians 2.0

2017.11.09 05:51 Video

Another activist to be tried for interview with non-state media