Pavel Sheremet

Judge who handled murder case of Pavel Sheremet found dead near Kyiv
Can Viktar become next Lukashenka at head of Belarus? Interview with author of book Belarusian Sniper
Belarusian Sniper is a political thriller that appeared in Polish bookstores: the heroes of the book risk their lives to overthrow the Lukashenka regime. Its author Leszek Szerepka, a historian and Ambassador to Belarus in 2011-2015, granted an interview to Belsat TV host Syarhei Pelyasa.
Pavel Sharamet's murder suspect released to house arrest
The prosecutor didn’t mind
Ukraine has information about murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet
A press release from the National Police was circulated after the Belarusian People’s Tribunal published an audio recording of a meeting that took place on April 11, 2012, probably in the office of the KGB chairman
Lukashenka wanted KGB to kill his emigre opponents in Germany - EUobserver
Nearly nine years ago, Belarus’ former leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka authorised political murders in Germany, Euobserver reports with reference to emigre activist Ihar Makar who used to serve in Belarusian spetsnaz forces.