Pavel Sharoiko

2019.10.04 09:19

Ukraine frees ‘Belarusian spy’ Yury Palityka

2019.06.26 11:39

‘Certain conditions’ needed for pardoning Ukrainian journo jailed in Belarus

2019.01.23 09:39

No pardon granted: Ukrainian journalist lands up in Belarus penal colony

2018.05.31 10:45 Video

KGB Chief leaves room for Belarus-Ukraine convict exchange

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‘Espionage’: Ukrainian journalist Pavlo Sharoiko gets 8-year jail term in Belarus

2018.02.12 13:31

In camera: Ukrainian journalist accused of espionage on trial in Minsk

2018.01.12 14:01

Minsk employee of Russia’s NTV may be involved in KGB arrest of Ukraine journo

2017.11.29 11:36 Video

EU hopes for release of Ukraine journalist arrested in Belarus

2017.11.27 13:59 Video

Now it’s official: Belarus authorities accuse Ukrainian journalist of espionage

2017.11.24 12:53

No Moscow link: Lukashenka comments on Belarus-Ukraine spy row

2017.11.22 15:29

Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Spy hysteria in Belarus is ‘total stupidity’

2017.11.21 10:10 Video

Reciprocity: Ukraine removes Belarusian diplomat amid spy scandal

2017.11.20 12:12

Belarus: Ukrainian journalist arrested by KGB was deep-cover agent. Russia involved?

2017.11.20 10:29 Video

Activists calling for imposing sanctions on Belarus over arrest of Ukraine citizen