Pavel Sevyarynets

2019.11.01 11:38

LGBT issue as apple of discord: Belarusian PEN centre in crosshairs

2019.04.19 14:22

Minsk court slaps heavy fines on Kurapaty defenders

2019.03.25 09:52 Video

Minsk: Activist detained at authorised Freedom Day event. He called Lukashenka ‘impostor’

2019.03.21 08:52

Kurapaty: Unknown vandalise crosses honouring victims of Stalinist purges

2019.02.28 14:08

Detentions in Minsk: Authorities’ response to solidarity action

2019.02.27 08:49 Updated

Minsk: Former political prisoner detained ahead of protest rally

2018.10.29 12:29

Kurapaty: Owners of ‘restaurant on bones’ seek to open criminal case against protesters

2018.10.16 06:00

Public outcry as bulldozers dig trench in mass execution site in Kurapaty (PHOTOS)

2018.10.04 09:01

Opposition politician Pavel Sevyarynets to be tried in Minsk

2018.09.07 07:55 Video

Political activist Sevyarynets sentenced to 10 days of arrest for ‘interview in Belarusian’

2018.06.20 10:38 Video

Kurapaty defender: Culture Ministry covering corruption

2018.06.19 14:09

Kurapaty defenders: Restaurant owners offer money to end protests

2018.06.13 08:45

Minsk police detain protester against opening restaurant close to Stalin-era mass grave

2018.06.07 16:21 Будзе абнаўленне

Former political prisoner detained for participating in protests in Kurapaty

2017.10.02 10:41 Video

Ex-political prisoner sentenced to 15 days in jail for protest against Zapad-2017