Parliamentary elections 2016

2016.10.07 12:33

Lukashenka to MPs: We aren’t sitting on two chairs, but flying on one wing!

2016.09.19 13:12 Video

Lukashenka orders to find good jobs for leaving MPs

2016.09.16 09:29

‘Lipstick measures on face of violations’ – UN human rights expert on Belarus MP election

2016.09.15 11:46

Belarus needs electoral reforms – EEAS Spokesperson about MP election

2016.09.15 11:05 Video

Belarus opposition in zugzwang for long time – expert

2016.09.14 13:38

Tell the Truth civil campaign alleges stuffing with 12K sham ballots in Minsk

2016.09.14 10:05

Belarus votes? OSCE election observer makes photo of damaged ballot box seal

2016.09.13 05:30 Video

Clashes with police at post-election rally in Minsk (photos, video)

2016.09.12 12:12 Photos

Jokes stem from truth: Goat and election in Belarus (photoreport)

2016.09.12 06:27 Video

Two opposition candidates enter Belarus parliament

2016.09.11 16:28

Lukashenka: I want to see workable opposition, not fifth column

2016.09.11 16:23

Elections in Belarusian style: ‘Transparent’ ballot box (+photos)

2016.09.11 15:44

Look who’s back: Kolya Lukashenka helps father cast vote

2016.09.11 07:30 Video

Belarus Votes: Parliamentary election recognised valid

2016.09.09 13:50

Man charged over 2010 post-election protests stops hunger strike