Zmitser Paliyenka

2019.01.25 10:53

Former political prisoner Paliyenka’s flat damaged after police search

2018.03.06 09:12 Video

Risk of gangrene? Political prisoner deprived of medical aid

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No New Year cards: Penal colony deprives political prisoner of correspondence?

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Belarus authorities exerting pressure on political prisoner over solidarity wave

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‘Stop being tame shadows!’ Anarchists line up against wall in Minsk

2017.05.26 11:02

Political prisoner Zmitser Paliyenka turns 23

2017.05.16 13:08

Yellow tag: Activist Paliyenka labelled as extremist in prison

2017.04.10 06:23

Suspended sentence revoked: Belarus anarchist Dzmitry Paliyenka to spend 1.5 years in jail

2016.10.12 10:10

Minsk: Court sentences Critical Mass cycling event arrestee to 2 years in jail

2016.06.08 05:15 Video

Rally of solidarity with Critical Mass cycling event arrestee near Minsk prison

2016.05.11 11:30

Minsk: Arrestee over Critical Mass cycling event accused of violence against police