2017.08.02 12:58

Belarusian KGB delivers opposition activist to Russia

2017.06.19 13:58

Former agent who fled to Poland: Belarusian independent media is KGB HQ responsibility

2017.05.09 12:04

Lukashenka on Victory Day: World on brink of war, Belarus’ fifth column sleeping with enemy

2017.03.09 14:20

Lukashenka about ‘parasite’ law protesters: ‘Maidan morons’, cannon fodder

2017.02.14 11:49

Round table with opposition. Will Lukashenka become Belarusian Jaruzelski?

2016.11.03 14:34

‘We need clear water instead of your tablets!’ Opposition blasts Minsk officials for misuse of funds

2016.10.19 12:09

Wind of change? Three months in prison for attack on opposition initiative group in Minsk

2016.10.07 11:33

Lukashenka to MPs: We aren’t sitting on two chairs, but flying on one wing!

2016.09.26 21:15

Opposition activist Tomas Yakavitski found dead in Mahiliou. Suspect detained

2016.09.15 10:05 Video

Belarus opposition in zugzwang for long time – expert

2016.08.30 17:57

‘True professionals’ wanted. Belarus MPs’ political stance doesn’t matter – Lukashenka

2016.07.18 08:28 Video

Lyabedzka re-elected Chairman of United Civil Party

2016.01.10 23:25 Video

If opposition fails to resist, Belarus will have another Lukashenka – Statkevich

2015.09.07 08:26

I set to ‘wind back’ election-2015. Belsat TV interviews Mikalai Statkevich

2015.09.04 07:45 Video

Only 0.5% of opposition in local election commissions