2019.09.11 13:32

Lukashenka loses? Nearly 500 Belarusians involved in corruption stand trial in H1 2019

2019.04.04 14:17

Opposition MP: Official declines comment on knocking down Kurapaty crosses

2019.03.18 09:05

‘Kids unable to fire grenade’. Russia MP pushes for basic military training in schools

2019.03.07 13:37

Russian parliament introduces punishments for fake news and ‘disrespect for authorities’

2019.02.18 08:40

‘Neighbours given by God’. Belarus will be reliable partner for EU – prdt

2019.01.29 13:45

MEP: Brussels expecting clear messages, specific steps of Minsk (interview)

2018.12.20 14:38

People-friendly and barrier-free: Lukashenka about future of Minsk

2018.12.11 04:06 Video

TOP 5 social ads from Belarusian government agencies

2018.10.03 08:25

Lukashenka’s alma mater opens Hall of Fame

2018.09.18 13:05

Office instead of prison: Lukashenka promotes ‘guilty’ minister

2018.06.27 06:34 Video

No mercy for corruption — Lukashenka

2018.05.17 16:30

Continuous hacker attack on anti-Lukashenka website

2018.05.11 10:48

Belarus officials give expired biscuits to veteran as gift on Victory Day

2018.05.03 17:20

Drug convicts’ relatives still on hunger strike, seeking meeting with Lukashenka

2018.04.04 09:21

Poor at liberty better than rich in jail – Lukashenka warns against corruption