2019.12.09 18:50

Minsk: MP election observer to spend 14 days under arrest

2019.12.04 12:04

Lukashenka claims parliamentary opposition lacked election support

2019.11.15 07:47 Video

Girl caught at ballot stuffing attempt

2019.11.14 11:04

Election commission rigs turnout figures, observer claims

2019.08.13 10:00

Early voting is ‘convenient and effective’ Belarus CEC head claims

2019.02.08 14:16

MPs ban Russian citizens from monitoring elections in Ukraine

2019.01.10 06:00

Ukraine will not register Russian election observers

2018.03.25 11:48

Minsk: Human rights activists detained, put in paddy wagons

2018.03.20 05:36

Observers report large-scale ballot stuffing in Russian election

2018.02.19 14:36

Minsk: Election observer to spend 7 days in jail for ‘bad language’

2018.02.19 08:32

Funny facts about local elections in Belarus

2017.09.18 11:08 Video

Belarus should not have invited some people to monitor Zapad-2017 war game – MoD

2017.09.05 10:41

Lukashenka about Zapad-2017: We are not going to attack anyone

2017.08.25 10:27

Russia using loopholes to minimize number of NATO observers at Zapad-2017 – Stoltenberg

2017.08.23 11:05

Seven countries invited to monitor Belarus-Russia joint war game Zapad-2017