2017.09.11 11:16 Video

‘Its goal is destroying Belarus image’. How Zapad-2017 taking independence from our country

2017.08.29 14:28 Video

Zapad-2017 no threat to neighbours. Russian forces will leave Belarus by 30 Sept – General Staff Chief

2017.08.29 06:35

Latvian FM says provocations possible during ‘Zapad-2017’ exercises

2017.08.25 10:27

Russia using loopholes to minimize number of NATO observers at Zapad-2017 – Stoltenberg

2017.07.12 11:40

Svenska Dagbladet: Kremlin to test NATO eastern flank during Belarus-Russia war game West-2017

2017.06.19 08:32

Suwalki gap: NATO troops drill to defend weak spot

2017.06.15 15:11

Russia, Belarus acting as single whole in western direction – Lukashenka about West-2017 war game

2017.06.07 08:01

‘Neighbours are given by God’. Lithuania’s envoy summoned over Grybauskaite’s interview

2017.05.31 09:02

Opinion. Russia’s occupation of Belarus is imminent – Ukrainian expert

2017.05.11 12:12

Poland establishing Territorial Defense Forces on borders of Russia, Belarus

2017.01.24 14:25

Polish president’s spokesman: Belarus not our ally, but…

2017.01.11 09:20

Russia and NATO: Belarus on the fault line

2016.12.15 09:15

Belarus Security Blog: Chill in relations between Minsk and Moscow in progress

2016.10.26 08:11

Ever-growing tensions with Russia: U.K. to send formidable force to Estonia next year

2016.10.10 04:00

World of CSTO spokesman: Hatred of Ukraine, praise on Stalin, maneuvers at Polish border