2019.12.05 11:50

Polish president comments on integration of Belarus and Russia

2019.11.14 15:32

Defense minister names Ukraine’s enemy

2019.11.07 12:57

Lithuania to beef up army, create new battalion

2019.11.05 08:40

NATO military drill launches in Lithuania

2019.10.29 13:06

NATO SecGen: Drills, US troops in Lithuania no threat to Belarus

2019.10.28 15:15

Lukashenka threatens Lithuania with asymmetrical response to American ‘armored fist’

2019.10.23 11:47

Belarus top brass considering response to US forces deployment in Lithuania

2019.10.23 06:30

American tanks and IFVs arrive in Lithuania

2019.10.15 05:28 Video

Can Belarusians participate in NATO exercises?

2019.10.07 11:05 Video

Belarus unwilling to be part of NATO-Russia conflict – Pentagon ex-rep (interview)

2019.10.03 05:47

US to deploy troops across Germany to Eastern Europe as part of exercise

2019.09.16 10:18 Video

Latvian president about Belarus, Russia, EU and hockey (exclusive interview to Belsat TV)

2019.08.21 10:55

NATO country changes law to repair aircraft in Belarus

2019.07.05 17:27

Only 10% of Belarusians have negative stance towards EU

2019.06.18 13:26

Russia threatens to ‘properly respond’ to US troops deployment to Poland