2019.10.15 05:28 Video

Can Belarusians participate in NATO exercises?

2019.10.07 11:05 Video

Belarus unwilling to be part of NATO-Russia conflict – Pentagon ex-rep (interview)

2019.10.03 05:47

US to deploy troops across Germany to Eastern Europe as part of exercise

2019.09.16 10:18 Video

Latvian president about Belarus, Russia, EU and hockey (exclusive interview to Belsat TV)

2019.08.21 10:55

NATO country changes law to repair aircraft in Belarus

2019.07.05 17:27

Only 10% of Belarusians have negative stance towards EU

2019.06.18 13:26

Russia threatens to ‘properly respond’ to US troops deployment to Poland

2019.04.15 11:33

NATO-Russia communication plunges – Supreme Allied Commander Europe

2019.04.05 06:14

Moscow guarantees worthless Belarusian analyst says

2019.03.20 14:01

Poland’s leader invites Lukashenka to Warsaw

2019.03.13 14:35

Estonian intel: Russia-NATO war may be sparked by ‘coloured revolution’ in Belarus

2019.03.11 13:59

Russia should stop being the world’s bully – Lithuania’s former PM

2019.02.22 10:24

Belarus ready for dialogue with NATO – Lukashenka

2019.02.12 13:30 Video

Russia treats Belarus as enemy, foreign intelligence report claims / ENG video

2019.02.01 08:22

NATO: friend or foe? New series of international talk show on Belsat TV