2019.11.06 06:27

‘Highway To Hell’ and ‘Forever Young’ among tunes Belarusians choose for their funeral

2019.07.31 12:41 Video

Iconic Russian rock musician writes song about police’s beating protesters in Moscow

2019.06.10 12:55

US professor learning to play Belarusian bagpipe (ENG video)

2019.05.20 06:50

Duncan Laurence from Netherlands wins Eurovision 2019, Belarus takes 25th place

2019.05.15 07:42

Belarusian ZENA makes it to Eurovision final

2019.05.14 10:46

ZENA to represent Belarus in tonight’s semi-finals of Eurovision 2019

2019.04.30 10:25 Video

Praising horses: Turkmen leader raps together with grandson

2019.01.10 15:07

Kolya Lukashenka makes father cry

2018.10.23 10:56

Ukraine: X-Factor judges bowled over Belarus singer performance

2018.09.18 11:11

Rammstein’s new album to be recorded in Minsk?

2018.06.24 18:17

Welcome to Belarus. Draniks and Kupalinka: Ecuadorian finds love in Hrodna

2017.02.07 14:46

No borders for feelings. Brazil’s Sepultura frontman in love with Belarus girl

2017.01.06 11:02

Belsat TV to become concert venue

2016.12.05 03:10

Sadness, anger and joy in Vilnius: Belarusian rock star presents Psychasamatyka

2016.11.15 12:28

‘Psychosomatics’: Iconic rock musician puts new album on web