2019.09.11 15:02

Maxumum term to teenager who committed double murder in Belarusian school

2019.07.31 06:10

Another death sentence passed in Belarus

2019.07.23 14:42

LGBT activist Elena Grigorieva murdered in St. Petersburg

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Just Before European Games: Another prisoner executed in Belarus

2019.05.17 09:37

‘Russian number plates’. Unknown persons take away, kill Belarus road policeman

2019.02.12 11:43

Lukashenka lays blame for murder in Stoubtsy school on ‘all’ and education minister

2019.01.09 15:07 Photos

Belarus court passes death sentence on murderer of two girls

2019.01.08 13:19 Video

Double homicide: Another death sentence looming in Belarus?

2018.04.02 20:00

New death penalty case in Belarus?

2018.01.22 09:35

Minsk: Two persons sentenced to death for murdering young couple

2016.09.26 22:15

Opposition activist Tomas Yakavitski found dead in Mahiliou. Suspect detained

2016.06.24 13:11 Video

Belarusian lured in Volgograd region and killed for $3K

2016.01.21 10:28

President Putin ‘probably’ approved Litvinenko murder – BBC