2019.06.04 05:29 Video

Protesters dismantle USSR Marshal Zhukov bust in Kharkiv

2019.05.23 12:04

‘No value’. Lenin statue removed from main square in Belarus’ Smarhon

2019.04.02 06:51

April Fool’s joke puts Hrodna website in hot water

2019.03.15 07:07

Monument to Stalin to be established in Novosibirsk

2018.08.01 12:21 Photos

Strange monument to Russian paratrooper appears in Brest

2018.06.20 13:37 Photos

Russian town utility providers sell monuments to World War II dead even for $200

2018.04.25 11:49

Polish statue of Jesus turned into wifi spot

2017.09.14 06:43

Lenin and Stalin monuments to appear in Moscow after long break