Mikhail Babich

2019.06.07 09:10

New Russian ambassador opens up about his work principles

2019.05.16 15:40

Belarus journo attacked by Russian propagandist tubes fears for life

2019.05.08 11:22

New envoy will also push for Belarus-Russia ‘deepening integration’ – media expert

2019.05.07 08:35

New Russian ambassador to Belarus described as ‘Putin’s sidekick’

2019.05.06 11:51

Kremlin has no problem with former envoy to Belarus – media

2019.05.01 08:05

Russia replaces its ambassador in Belarus

2019.04.12 13:32

Culture Minister Medinsky asks to protect Russian language in Belarus

2019.04.08 11:18

Russian journalist: Putin tasks envoy Babich with taming Lukashenka

2019.03.19 12:20

Lukashenka cannot control Makey RIA Novosti observer claims

2019.03.14 11:09

Russia to help Belarus fend off coloured revolutions, protect sovereignty – envoy

2019.02.11 11:35

Envoy warns against ‘anti-Russian indoctrination’ in Belarus, including Belsat TV

2019.01.24 06:12

Russian ambassador Babich says Union Treaty inventory in full swing

2019.01.18 09:29

We need Union State, integration as Russian is state language in Belarus – envoy

2018.10.22 08:43

Moscow will consider any attack on Belarus as assault on Russia – envoy

2018.10.11 09:17

Lukashenka claims Putin never spoke about inclusion of Belarus into Russia. History begs to differ