Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2016.06.02 10:58

‘Where are these modern slaves?’ Belarus MFA calls Global Slavery Index ‘ridiculous’

2016.05.26 09:51

Savchenko’s release may help implement Minsk agreement – Belarus MFA

2016.03.24 15:27

Three Belarusians injured in Brussels attacks – MFA

2016.03.21 09:23 Video

Litmus test for Belarusian ‘thaw’: Belsat TV in bid to get accreditation

2016.03.17 10:09

Foreign Ministry calls on Belarusian tourists to think twice before visiting Crimea

2016.03.10 11:28

‘Extensive dialogue’: Journalists shown the door at conference on death penalty in Minsk

2016.02.18 12:34

Foreign Ministry’s turn for Belarusian language: Long-term trend or one-off event?

2016.02.09 10:36

Officials of 7 EU countries due in Minsk this week: Issue of sanctions against Belarus?

2016.01.04 08:21

Belarus offers help in resolving Turkey-Russia conflict

2015.11.27 10:51

‘Is Belarus really our ally?’ Russians slam Minsk sitting on the fence over conflict with Turkey

2015.10.15 09:34

Belarus hopes that EU sanctions will be abolished as soon as possible – FM