Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2019.03.29 08:02

Belarus has no desire to become EU member – Deputy FM

2019.03.15 11:03

MFA outraged at Russia envoy’s interview: Belarus is no federal district

2019.03.12 13:01

Foreign Ministry considers appeal to grant accreditation to Belsat

2019.03.05 14:09

FM about signing Belarus-EU Partnership Agreement

2019.03.01 12:09

Belarus gives no response over Russia’s kidnapping Ukraine citizen in Homiel – MFA

2019.02.12 12:30 Video

Russia treats Belarus as enemy, foreign intelligence report claims / ENG video

2019.01.17 09:46

Foreign Minister speaks about main Belarusian event of 2019

2019.01.15 09:22

US general Ben Hodges to Belsat TV: Belarus helps to proteсt Ukraine’s border

2019.01.10 08:10

Austrian minister who danced with Putin coming to Belarus

2018.10.31 14:12

Belarusians may be most reliable partners of yours – Lukashenka to US rep at MSC Core Group meeting

2018.10.08 05:42

Belarus MFA ridicules European Parliament resolution

2018.08.22 12:02 Video

Argentina burns 400 kg of cocaine found at Russian embassy

2018.08.06 09:46

Russian Foreign Ministry employs Steven Seagal

2017.12.08 08:22

Belarusian embassy in Israel to remain in Tel Aviv

2017.11.22 15:29

Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Spy hysteria in Belarus is ‘total stupidity’