Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2019.09.02 05:36

FM Makey comments on Trump Advisor’s visit to Minsk

2019.08.08 05:23

Lukashenka angers Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry

2019.07.29 09:30

Belarus company barred from gas pipeline construction in Lithuania

2019.07.23 13:29

Belarus’ Deputy FM takes part in US conference on religious freedom

2019.07.15 11:58

UN resolution on human rights situation in Belarus is ‘absurd’ – MFA

2019.06.19 13:32

Chechnya strongman among VIP guests at European Games in Minsk

2019.05.15 10:23

Belarus seeking more involvement in UN peacekeeping operations

2019.05.06 06:20

Makey to replace Lukashenka in Brussels

2019.04.24 12:49

How do you like it? Belarus Foreign Ministry invites Elon Musk to Minsk

2019.04.12 14:33

North Korea’s first-ever envoy to Belarus arrives

2019.03.29 09:02

Belarus has no desire to become EU member – Deputy FM

2019.03.15 12:03

MFA outraged at Russia envoy’s interview: Belarus is no federal district

2019.03.12 14:01

Foreign Ministry considers appeal to grant accreditation to Belsat

2019.03.05 15:09

FM about signing Belarus-EU Partnership Agreement

2019.03.01 13:09

Belarus gives no response over Russia’s kidnapping Ukraine citizen in Homiel – MFA