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2019.12.03 14:21

Russian leader doesn’t mind: Anyone may fall under law on foreign agents

2019.08.06 12:23

Berdimuhamedov visits Gates of Hell, but staying alive

2019.07.15 09:59

Lithuania blocks Russia’s Sputnik news website over copyright infringement

2019.06.25 15:26

Belsat TV statement regarding Press Club Belarus monitoring report

2019.06.10 06:27

Russian journalist Ivan Golunov persecuted for professional activities

2019.05.10 10:34

Russia: Police raid Mash editorial office

2019.04.22 06:22

Independent study shows fundamental shifts in anti-Belarusian propaganda

2019.04.16 06:51

History is made as YouTube awards Belarusian-language channel

2019.03.12 13:01

Foreign Ministry considers appeal to grant accreditation to Belsat

2019.03.07 13:37

Russian parliament introduces punishments for fake news and ‘disrespect for authorities’

2019.03.05 12:51

Belsat TV crew heavily fined

2019.02.13 10:29

Lukashenka establishes research institute to tackle problems in information sphere

2019.02.01 05:29 Video

Lukashenka cracks down on information security

2018.12.11 13:27

Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy: Belsat becomes important media institution

2018.11.13 12:07

Special commission to check ‘foreign media products’ distributed in Belarus