May Day

2019.05.02 07:54

May Day in Russia: Stalin portraits and detentions (photos)

2018.05.02 08:15 Video

Three anarchists detained at authorised May Day rally in Minsk

2018.05.01 14:14

Opposition politician’s associates detained at authorised May Day rally

2018.05.01 11:50 Video

‘Speak about your problems not only in kitchens’. Trade unions’ May Day rally in Minsk

2018.05.01 09:23 Photos

Сity of contrasts: Minsk on Spring and Labour Day

2017.05.19 11:25

Minsk: Opposition politician’s wife fined for participation in May Day rally

2017.05.04 13:15

May Day aftermath: Politician Vyachaslau Siuchyk sentenced to 15 days in arrest

2017.05.04 09:35

Neutralised before May Day: Opposition politician Mikalai Statkevich released from jail

2017.05.02 07:50

No comment: May Day protests in Belarus in one minute (video)

2017.04.27 09:02

Minsk authorities ban opposition from holding May Day protest march

2017.04.14 08:31

Protest spring: Belarus opposition leaders set to hold May Day, Chernobyl Path rallies