Uladzimir Makey

2020.01.08 15:12

Finally: EU, Belarus sign agreements on visa facilitation, readmission

2019.11.13 13:56

Belarus FM: Russia is main ally, but we strive for good relations with EU

2019.10.30 14:37

PM Rumas: Belarus-Russia integration program will be ready in November

2019.10.18 06:42

FM Makey on integration with Russia: I do not see any danger for Belarus

2019.10.07 22:04

Belarus FM announces Lukashenka’s ‘full visit’ to EU

2019.10.01 10:17

Russia had ‘absolutely unacceptable’ proposals on integration – Belarus FM

2019.09.18 15:11

Top US diplomat: We are not asking Belarus to choose between East and West

2019.09.16 11:50

Belarus set between independence and integration

2019.09.03 15:23

Belarus blamed for ‘drifting toward West’ for long – FM

2019.09.02 05:36

FM Makey comments on Trump Advisor’s visit to Minsk

2019.08.05 14:54

Belarus, EU to sign visa facilitation agreement this fall – Andrea Wiktorin

2019.07.10 15:24

FM, State Dept rep discuss further development of US-Belarus relations

2019.07.08 13:52

Minsk ready to host world leaders’ summit on Ukraine

2019.06.06 10:41

FM denies reports about Putin’s wish to head Union State of Belarus and Russia

2019.06.05 13:35

Great mystery? FM tight-lipped about details of talks on Belarus-Russia integration