Lukashenka's statements

2019.01.07 13:33

Christmas Day: Lukashenka calls on nation to have more kids

2018.12.25 09:18

I do not call Russia ‘brotherly state’ anymore – Lukashenka

2018.12.24 13:14

Lot at stake? Lukashenka calls special meeting before talks with Putin

2018.12.21 11:44 ВІДЭА

‘Dough and bimboes’. Lukashenka sorry for using slang

2018.12.20 15:38

People-friendly and barrier-free: Lukashenka about future of Minsk

2018.12.19 10:27 ВІДЭА

‘No place in country for you’. Lukashenka warns against poor performance at European Games

2018.12.16 10:40

Lukashenka’s press conference sheds light on his persona

2018.12.05 10:11

Lukashenka: I am against EU collapse, but West doesn’t need me

2018.11.30 13:06

Alyaksandr Lukashenka: Foul mood, nasty Belarusians

2018.11.14 06:59

Lukashenka: Belarus to experience ‘political turmoil’ for at least year and half

2018.11.01 15:26

It’s up to Donbas republics to decide. Kremlin about Lukashenka’s proposal to send peacekeepers

2018.11.01 13:35

US base, Western democracy, war in Donbas – Lukashenka speaks at MSC Core Group meeting

2018.09.25 09:26

Lukashenka orders to bar ‘bandits’ from crossing Ukraine-Belarus border

2018.08.20 09:42

Lukashenka: No pivot to West! Belarus’ closest ally is Russia

2018.08.06 11:47

Lukashenka urges Belarusian women to give birth to 3-4 kids