Lukashenka's statements

2020.01.10 05:16

Lukashenka speaks about independence and oil prices

2019.11.07 14:14

Red Terror or ‘humanism and equality’? Lukashenka hails October revolution

2019.10.30 12:45

Like Peter the Great: Lukashenka set to drill window to Europe

2019.10.30 10:01

Lukashenka outraged at long queueing for cancer operations in Belarus

2019.10.23 14:14

Fidel Castro is example to many other country leaders – Lukashenka

2019.10.20 22:37

Lukashenka remembers offering Clinton position in Union State

2019.08.16 12:12

Lukashenka announces ‘tough punishment’ for loss of cattle

2019.08.14 14:58

Lukashenka visiting Mahiliou region: Thievery in full bloom

2019.04.11 12:55

Lukashenka slams ‘sanctions’, threatens Russia with closing oil pipelines in Belarus

2019.04.10 08:38

Lukashenka: Our mindset is our problem

2019.04.01 11:42

Lukashenka: We are ready to do more for peace in Ukraine

2019.03.26 13:24

‘Auschwitz for cows’: Lukashenka gets peeved during visit to dairy farm

2019.03.05 16:16

Belarus leader slams Russian media for making fake news

2019.03.05 11:32 Video

Lukashenka: Russia falling into hysterics over Belarus-West cooperation

2019.03.04 13:01

Kremlin silent about Lukashenka’s remark on Belarusians’ unwillingness to join Russia