"Lukashenka regime"

Three years in jail for ‘incitement of enmity’ The court found Baranavichy resident Uladzislau Buryn guilty

Political prisoners in Belarus promised release after repentance letter Political prisoners are promised to be released by July 3.

Lukashenka signs law banning ‘rehabilitation of Nazism’ Fighting Nazism could become a fight against dissent

EU presents Tsikhanouskaya with assistance draft plan for Belarus Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya had an online meeting with Maciej Popowski

Ninety-eight people convicted for protests in April In April, human rights activists recognized 39 people as political prisoners.

Lukashenka elaborates on planned coup d’etat Lukashenko said that $10 million was allocated for his elimination.

CNN publishes investigation about lawlessness and violence in Belarus So far, the country's investigative authorities have not initiated a single criminal…

Jailed political activist Babaryka answers questions about current political situation in Belarus The trial of Viktar Babaryka will continue on March 22.

FM Makey expresses outrage over EU stance, including ‘redirecting funds to Belarus opposition’