Alyaksandr Lukashenka

2019.11.05 10:52

Belarusian bloggers for better tomorrow: Meeting in Minsk

2019.10.30 11:30

Lithuania’s leader about NATO drills: We aim at protecting people

2019.10.30 10:01

Lukashenka outraged at long queueing for cancer operations in Belarus

2019.10.29 13:06

NATO SecGen: Drills, US troops in Lithuania no threat to Belarus

2019.10.28 15:15

Lukashenka threatens Lithuania with asymmetrical response to American ‘armored fist’

2019.10.28 14:21 Video

US general Hodges about Crimean fate and Belarus (ENG video)

2019.10.25 09:15

Lukashenka puts Belarusian language as his native in census form

2019.10.23 11:47

Belarus top brass considering response to US forces deployment in Lithuania

2019.10.22 05:14

Criminal case against blogger Kabanau reopened

2019.10.21 13:53

Yet Austria: Belarus president to visit EU for first time in three years

2019.10.21 11:51

No regrets: Lukashenka about making his son security advisor

2019.10.18 10:28

Personal courage? Lukashenka gets award for ‘border protection’

2019.10.17 14:04

Russia should not treat its main ally as enemy – Lukashenka

2019.10.14 15:04

‘High tech university’ to be founded in Belarus in 2020

2019.10.09 03:31

Belarus – EU visa agreement may be delayed because of Lukashenka