Alyaksandr Lukashenka

2017.10.25 11:43

Will Putin force Belarus to use Russian ports to transport oil products?

2017.10.18 13:39

Belarus PM says 500 USD salary still in the air

2017.10.13 15:42

Lukashenka suspends top officials of Belarus’ Operations and Analysis Center

2017.10.04 14:01

Belarus president gives cow as gift to large family

2017.10.04 12:51

‘Lukashenka owes Putin’. Will Belarusian peacekeepers go to Syria?

2017.10.03 12:22

Bolivar and loan: Venezuela’s leader to visit Belarus, Russia

2017.10.03 10:48

Lukashenka to sign amended ‘decree on parasites’

2017.09.29 12:05

Lukashenka to farm workers: Minimize expectations of state support, earn money

2017.09.29 06:46

BSU has new rector previously mixed in scandal

2017.09.18 09:36

Putin to inspect Zapad-2017 war game in Leningrad region

2017.09.05 14:34

‘Big brother’: Communist leader praises Lukashenka for broadcasting Russia TV

2017.08.25 14:33

Lukashenka wants school uniform to be comfy for kids ‘including those from fifth column’

2017.08.24 11:19

Lukashenka slams pro-govt youth organization for window-dressing

2017.08.23 08:11

Belarus taking $700 mln loan from Moscow to repay its debt. To Russia

2017.08.22 11:37

‘Where do people leave?’ Lukashenka concerned about reduction of employed persons