Alyaksandr Lukashenka

2018.01.25 14:06

Lukashenka about elections-2020: We will not deceive anyone

2018.01.22 12:00 Video

Lukashenka wanted to ‘modernize’ Constitution – CEC Head

2018.01.11 16:48 Video

Foreign tourists welcome: Lukashenka announces further visa regime relaxation

2018.01.11 12:22

‘Strange’ Belarus-Russia border. Lukashenka seeking remedy

2018.01.08 08:10 Video

Belarus Foreign Minister announces extension of visa-free regime

2017.12.21 11:44 Video

We should make social parasites work – Lukashenka

2017.12.13 15:19

Lukashenka: Russians blame me for Belarusization! Want Germanization?

2017.12.06 11:45

Activists ask Lukashenka to broadcast Belsat shows instead of Russian TV

2017.12.05 11:02 Video

Servant of two masters: ‘Lukashenka’ appears in DW satirical show

2017.11.30 10:09

Have ‘Belarus militants trained abroad’ ever existed? High-profile White Legion case closed

2017.11.23 14:32 Photos

Brussels: Protest against EU rapprochement with Lukashenka

2017.11.21 09:12 Video

Lukashenka not to participate in EaP summit. Reason unreported

2017.11.17 15:17

‘I had a dream’. Lukashenka wants Belarusians to drive home-produced Geely cars

2017.11.16 12:20 Video

Lukashenka to Belarus bankers: People say you are fat cats

2017.11.16 10:21 Video

Russia has leverage over Belarus, but Lukashenka still independent – Pentagon ex-rep