2016.05.12 08:40

Nordic Council to end support for Belarusian university in exile

2016.05.06 08:54 Photos

Belarus Energy Ministry confirms information about failure at Astravets NPP construction site

2016.05.05 12:39

In wake of Belsat TV report: Lithuania summons Belarus envoy over alleged incident at Astravets NPP

2016.05.03 07:40 Photos

Wary of Russian aggression: Lithuania building another Vilnius for urban combat training

2016.04.26 07:17

30 years after Chernobyl. Belarus must ensure safety of Astravets NPP – Luthuanian PM

2016.04.19 14:29

Lukashenka to IAEA head: Belarus prioritizes safety when constructing NPP

2016.04.15 11:11

EU energy commissioner backs Lithuania’s position on Belarus nuclear plant

2016.04.12 19:00

Lithuania draws ‘Savchenko List’ and bans entry of 46 involved

2016.04.12 07:40

Border game: Lithuania anticipates flow of illegal migrants from Belarus side

2016.04.01 11:34

Lithuanian FM: Belarus fails to comply with safety regulations when constructing NPP

2016.03.30 09:31

Russia, Belarus may try to infiltrate recruits into Lithuanian army – report

2016.03.04 13:47 Photos

St. Casimir’s Day: Hrodna becomes city of crafts

2016.03.03 08:43

Belarus Energy Minister’s bid to calm Lithuania: Astravets NPP posing no threat to Neris, Nemunas

2016.02.23 06:28

Signatures collected against Russian flag in Lithuanian town

2016.02.22 13:50 Video

Russia-made reactor vessel for Astravets NPP arrives in Belarus