The broadcast of Belsat started in the digital terrestrial TV standard in Lithuania The multiplex includes transmitters in Vilnius, Šalčininkai and Švenčionys. Apart from…

U.S. to deploy additional units with radars and air defense systems to Lithuania This was reported by U.S. General

Lithuania urges EU to discuss sanctions against Minsk and Moscow Lithuania says Belarus is occupied

Baltic states demand explanations from Minsk within OSCE OSCE representatives may visit the exercise areas

Lithuania to seek deployment of permanent U.S. contingent This was stated by President Nauseda

Over 270 migrants agree to leave Lithuania for 1K euros The majority of returnees are Iraqi citizens

PMs of Lithuania and Latvia advocate pan-European sanctions against Lukashenka’s regime Last week, Estonia expanded sanctions against Lukashenka's regime

Lithuania looking for bypass routes as transit via Belarus gets banned Possible routes run through Poland or Latvia

Belaruskali to appeal against decision of Lithuanian Railways to terminate contracts A complaint was received yesterday

Lithuanian Railways rejects applications of Belarusian companies for transportation of Belaruskali fertilizers They decided not to take any action until the government…

Lithuanian Railway warns Belaruskali about transit termination But there are caveats

About 4K Iraqi citizens return home from Lithuania-Belarus border Some Iraqi citizens are still in Lithuania

Lithuania lifts border emergency state as migrant flow stops The state of emergency ended at midnight on January 15

Baltics ask NATO to increase military presence to contain Russia The Baltic states feel like a "NATO peninsula"

Lithuania to terminate contract with Belaruskali The Lithuanian government recognized the contract between the Lithuanian Railway and Belaruskali as…