2019.05.23 12:04

‘No value’. Lenin statue removed from main square in Belarus’ Smarhon

2019.04.22 15:52

Communists gather in Hrodna to celebrate 149th anniversary of Lenin’s birth

2018.11.08 09:57

Great October revolution or point of no return? Belarus in two minds (ENG video)

2018.11.07 12:01

Brest, Mahiliou: Who celebrates under red flags? (photos)

2018.11.07 10:20 Photos

October ‘revolution’ anniversary: 1,500 Minskers near Lenin monument

2018.05.14 11:42

Vorsha: One-man picket at Lenin monument

2017.11.07 12:11

Centenary: Belarus Communists commemorating Red October (photos)

2017.11.06 16:22

Wreath with skulls laid at Lenin monument

2017.09.14 05:43

Lenin and Stalin monuments to appear in Moscow after long break