2 years in jail: Mahiliou court delivers first sentence for web comments on killing KGB officer
On January 10, Leninski district court completed hearing the case of a 45-year-old resident of Mahiliou and passed a guilty verdict.
One-legged political prisoner forced to walk without crutches, with hands handcuffed behind back: Uladzimir Hundar’s story
Relatives of the prisoners in the so-called Autukhovich case told Belsat that the accused had been transported to Hrodna prison. Thus, they believe, the authorities are preparing for the trial. Baranavichy activist Uladzimir Hundar is among the prisoners, he has a group 2 disability. Uladzimir’s relatives say that the prisoners are severely pressured and abused behind bars.
Polish intelligence services release conversation between Minsk air traffic controller and Ryanair pilot
He spoke with a certain “Andrey Anatolyevich”
KGB declares BelaPAN extremist formation
This is the second media outlet with this status
New treason charges against journalist Dzyanis Ivashyn confirmed
He has been in solitary confinement for over a week now
Former commander of KGB special force becomes deputy head of Belarusian Academy of Sciences
As ordered by Alyaksandr Lukashenka, Major General Aleh Charnyshou is to become deputy chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The corresponding decree has been published on Tuesday on the official legal portal
Poland’s special service arrests man suspected of spying for Belarusian KGB
Officers of the Internal Security Agency (ABW) detained a Pole who is suspected of spying for Belarusian intelligence, Łukasz Lapczynski, the spokesman for the National Prosecutor’s Office of Poland, said on Wednesday.
Prosecutor’s Office submits case of Alinevich group to court, four men accused of ‘terrorism’
Ihar Alinevich, Dzmitry Dubouski, Dzmitry Razanovich, Syarhei Ramanau are accused of ‘illegal actions with firearms, ammunition and explosives’ as well as of ‘committing acts of terrorism’, the Prosecutor General’s Office reports.
From Autukhovich to Zeltsar: Belarusians labelled as 'terrorists' by Lukashenka regime
During 2020–2021, Belarus has seen an unprecedented increase in the number of criminal cases initiated under ‘terrorist’ articles. found out whom the Lukashenka regime considers ‘terrorists’ and how the authorities manipulate the topic of the terrorist threat.
Over 80 people detained for insulting murdered KGB officer
People were detained in Minsk, Homiel, Vitsebsk, Mahiliou, and Zhlobin
Pro-Lukashenka Gen Belakoneu: It’d be good to kill 20 or 100 persons as reprisal for KGB officer’s death
Aleh Belakoneu, a former head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus, ventured upon a controversial statement during Friday’s farewell ceremony for the killed KGB officer Dzmitry Fedasyuk. It was published by the Telegram channel Sputnik Belarus.