2019.07.04 11:39

Blood-stained feast. Videos of explosions in Minsk

2019.07.04 07:59

Independence Day: Tanks in Minsk (photos)

2019.07.03 07:44 Opinions

Lukashenka to celebrate independence with Russian Iskander missiles

2019.05.27 11:59

4K troops involved: Independence Day parade to be held in evening

2018.06.27 06:43

Chinese military already in Belarus

2018.06.25 08:32 Photos

Military parade rehearsal in Minsk (telling photos)

2018.06.21 13:23

Latest Belarusian anti-tank robot to be shown at Minsk parade

2018.06.20 05:17

July 3 parade in Minsk to be attended by women, cadets, and Chinese military

2018.06.19 09:15

Opposition politician urges Belarusians to protest on official Independence Day