Jhon Silver

2016.10.05 13:26

Arrested Belarusian blogger’s case to be tried behind closed doors

2016.09.13 11:13

Biting critic of Putin, Lukashenka arrested, but his blog updated

2016.08.25 15:20 Video

Belarus court recognizes articles of web critic of Putin, Lukashenka as extremist

2016.07.29 09:52

Reporters Without Borders calls for release of arrested Belarusian blogger

2016.06.16 11:13

Arrested Belarusian blogger: ‘I never wanted to be political prisoner’

2016.06.14 09:50 Video

Belarus activists to press for recognising arrested blogger as political prisoner

2016.06.10 06:49 Video

Minsk: Rally of solidarity with arrested blogger condemning Russia’s aggression in Ukraine

2016.06.08 12:00

Harsh critic of Lukashenka, Putin facing up to 5 years in Belarusian jail

2016.06.07 08:05 Breaking

Russia extradites Belarus blogger who lambasted Lukashenka, Putin

2016.04.20 07:50 Дадалося відэа

Russian nationalist website claims Belarusian blogger may stand trial for Russophobia

2016.01.26 07:28

Belarusian blogger arrested in Russia

2015.11.05 11:30

Belarus dissident blogger claims KGB arrests him, sends to mental home over slamming ‘Russian World’ on web