2019.06.19 09:18

Russia sentences five Crimean Tatars to heavy jail terms

2017.09.01 16:02

200,000 Muslims celebrate Eid al-Adha in Moscow

2017.03.02 12:42

Stop Haram in Moscow: Muslim activists prevent fellow believers from drinking alcohol

2016.08.18 14:10

Russia: Mufti wants to fight ‘debauchery’ with help of female genital mutilation

2016.05.06 07:51 Video

One of the largest in Eastern Europe: Great Mosque built in Minsk

2016.04.15 14:58

‘Pillar of stability and security’. Belarus seeks closer ties with Muslim world – Lukashenka

2016.04.13 14:21

Lukashenka to speak at Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit in Turkey

2016.04.04 07:44 Video

Muslims vs. Buddhists: Dagestan-born athlete desecrates pagoda in Kalmykia

2016.02.29 10:15 Video

Nightmare in Moscow: Woman in black holding severed head of child screams Allahu Akbar

2015.10.29 12:17

EP awards Sakharov Prize to jailed blogger Raif Badawi, calls on Saudi king to set sentence aside