2018.05.01 11:24

Daesh-related: Life sentences to 19 Russian women in Iraq

2017.12.18 12:18

Putin thanks Trump for CIA tip-off about planned bomb attack in St. Petersburg

2017.12.04 13:17 Video

Belarus state TV compares Belsat with ISIS

2017.11.16 07:29

ISIS supporter from Belarus sentenced to 12 years in prison

2017.10.04 10:07

Russia’s MoD refutes their soldiers being taken prisoner by Islamic State

2017.06.09 14:31

Russian envoy: Islamic State militants may avail of Belarus’ visa free regime

2017.03.02 11:26

Israel arrests repatriate from Belarus who wanted to join Islamic State

2017.02.28 14:15

Belarus detains Russian citizen who intended to join Islamic State

2017.02.20 15:47

ISIS hybrid airforce. Can drones become threat to Belarus, EU? (ENG video)

2016.09.21 09:51 Video

IS affiliate releases video plea from captured Russian intelligence officer

2015.12.03 07:54

‘For playing peacemaker by dropping bombs’: Putin in Foreign Policy’s Global Thinkers rating

2015.12.03 01:33 interview

‘Russia is fighting against ISIS only in words’. Belsat TV interviews Lithuanian FM

2015.11.23 12:00

Russia might have supported Islamic State – Polish counter-terrorism expert

2015.11.18 06:59 Video

Gunfire erupts in Paris as police hunt suspected attack leader. Two assailants killed

2015.11.17 08:54

Officially: Terrorists behind Russian Airbus A321 crash – FSB chief