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Belarusian soldiers to participate in military drills at Tajik-Afghan border
Belarusian troops left for Tajikistan to take part in the CSTO military exercise which is to be held on October 18-23 not far from the Afghan border, the Defence Ministry announced on Friday.
Interior Ministry special forces officially assist border guards
Last year, the Interior Ministry’s Special Forces took an active part in suppressing peaceful protests
Interior Ministry explains 'anti-protest' exercise in Minsk
The exercise coincided with the day of adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the BSSR
Leak: Belarus authorities to involve army in ‘protecting facilities’ if protests resume
Belarusian Interior Minister Ivan Kubrakou has asked the Defence Ministry to place some military forces at their disposal if ‘mass riots’ continue, blogger Stsyapan Putsila reports. His Telegram channel which the Belarusian authorities consider to be ‘extremist’ published a corresponding document signed by Kubrakou.
Ahead of election? Lukashenka inspects riot police’s demo crackdown on protesters
During Tuesday’s visit to military unit #3214 in Uruchcha near Minsk, incumbent president Alyaksandr Lukashenka got another chance to size the capacities of Belarusian internal security forces.
Belarusian SWAT now armed with drones
Most likely, this year the SWAT will get new uniforms.
Belarusian police learn to disperse demonstrations in the field
Sviatlahorsk special police brigade has conducted exercises on the territory of the former airfield near the village of Chyrkavichy. They practiced dispersing the protesters.